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The Ministry of is running a Grant-in-aid Scheme for the welfare of women labour.  This Scheme, which has been continuing since Sixth Five Year Plan (1981-82), is administered through voluntary organizations by giving grant-in-aid to them for the following purposes:
* Organizing working women and educating them about their rights/duties, Legal aid to working women
* Seminars, workshops, etc. aiming at raising the general consciousness of the society about the problems of women labour

Under this Scheme, Voluntary Organizations/NGOs are being provided funds by way of grants-in-aid to take up action-oriented projects for the benefit of women labour.  Projects relating to awareness generation campaigns for women labour are funded under this Scheme. The focus of the Scheme is awareness generation among women labour, in the area of wages, like minimum wages, equal remuneration, etc. to disseminate information on various schemes of Central/State Government Agencies available for the benefit of women labour.

This Scheme was introduced with the intention of furthering Government’s policy of helping women workers become aware of the rights and opportunities available to them under various Schemes of the Government. Proposals of VOs/NGOs for providing grant-in-aid for undertaking awareness generation campaigns on women labour will be considered under this Scheme subject to their suitability.

As per the provisions of the Scheme, grants-in-aid is being provided as 75% of the total cost of the project. However, the projects relating to studies entrusted to various institutes are funded in full, i.e., 100%.
It has been decided in the meeting of GIA Committee for Women Labour held on 28.07.2011 (Minutes of the meeting may be seen at Annexure II) that guidelines on the scheme needs to revised.  A comparative statement showing the existing and proposed modification in guidelines is at Annexure IV.  The main areas where modification suggested are:
* Enhancing the assistance from 75% to 90% for NER
* Eligibility criteria of VOs/NGOs/SHGs of Centre/State Govt.
* Providing of list of topics from which minimum number topics to be cover
* Simplification of the procedure for submission of proposals etc.

To evaluate the proposed recommendations on GIA Scheme on Women & Child Labour, a 3 members committee compromising Pr. Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana has been set up. A three member Committee in a meeting held on 24.10.2011 has agreed to the above recommendations with certain modifications.  The Committee has accepted the above recommendation with following modifications:
Provision for conducting the women labour camps also with scaled down strength of 50 should also be provided. Accordingly the funds requirement for one day/two day programmes should be worked out.

Need for conducting regional workshop on the various provisions of the Child and Women Labour scheme may be worked out.

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