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Document Management is a minefield that can be tricky to navigate for even the most experienced of consultants, so why would you let anyone less experienced manage your business requirements?
GK Associates is an independent consultancy which focuses on identifying and establishing your document management requirements. Our innovative, creative and clearly focused approach ensures that you achieve what you want for your documentation.

  1.  Annual Report Preparation.
  2. Organizational Profile Preparation.
  3. Program Documentation.
  4. Project Documentation.
  5. Action Plan Preparation.
  6. Budget Report Preparation.
  7. Research & Evaluation Report Preparation.
  8. Hi-Impact Cover Letter Drafting.
  9. Newsletter.
  10. Presentation.
  11. Magazine.
  12. Project Concept Note.
  13. All type of Non-Profit Document Management Service.
  1. Management Documentation.
  2. Marketing Evaluation Report.
  3. Content Writing.
  4. Policy Document.
  5. Leaflet/Brochure.
  6. Year Book.
  7. Presentation.
  8. Fiscal Documentation & Compilation Service.
  9. Commercial Documentation & Compilation services.

  1. Application/Letter Drafting.
  2. Legal Drafting.
  3. Legal Notice.
  4. Law Suit Drafting.
  5. Company Registration.
  6. Society/Trust Registration.
  7. Co-Operative Society Registration.
  8. Firm Registration.
  9. Taxation Registration.

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