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 RMHC not only tries to directly improve the health and well being of children through our programs, but we also work with other non-profit organizations around the world that are making an immediate, positive impact on children. Grants to these organizations extend the reach of RMHC and quickly move donation dollars to communities around the world with the most need.
The RMHC Global Grant program focuses on sustainable, replicable projects that are national or global in scope. Projects must include a train-the-trainer component in their pursuit of addressing the most pressing issues relating to children’s healthcare. RMHC takes a holistic, family-centered approach to bridging access to care and is interested in partnering with organizations that have a similar philosophy.

Projects that are considering funding must meet these requirements:
 Organizations must be stable, efficient U.S based organizations.
o Organizations can operate internationally or domestically though.
 Organizations must have proven outcomes and strong partnerships with key stakeholders.
 We will only consider organizations whose project methodology involves a comprehensive, ethnographic approach to their research, program development, program implementation, and evaluation.
 We seek to partner with organizations that take an innovative approach to addressing the health needs of the population.
 Organizations must have a process in place for tracking success. We evaluate organizations based on their execution of past or current projects by the following outcomes:
o Program Performance
o Community Outreach
o Financial Sustainability
o Management Effectiveness
 RMHC will consider pilot projects provided that the organization operating them has demonstrated success in these outcome areas.
 Organizations must meet the RMHC grant-giving guidelines. i.e.
o Organization cannot advocate for or against or otherwise provide direct or indirect support for or against any political campaign, individual politician, pro-life, pro-choice positions, or any other organization which takes a controversial stand on social issues.
o Organization cannot address or support issues through adversarial and confrontational tactics.
o Organization cannot aim to promote a particular faith, creed or religious programs.
o Organization cannot discriminate with respect to membership and/or the provision of services or use of facilities.
o Organization cannot be under investigation, or reported to be under investigation, by any state, federal or foreign governmental authority.
o Requested funding cannot cover fundraising or capital investment costs.
o If an academic institution, the institution must be accredited.

Ultimately, RMHC would like to do the most good, for the greatest number of children. We are looking to partner with organizations and projects that will have an extensive impact on children, effectively extending our reach in communities around the world.


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