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OBJECTIVES: Development Funding for NGOs covers a broad category of funding opportunities for NGOs. There are several current programs, which include funding for building resilience and adaptation to climate extremes and disasters, aiding in the fight for disability rights, and trying to help prevent harmful environmental climate change. The list of available funding opportunities goes on to include women, government, and AIDS specific programs. All programs are aimed at community-based organizations involved in providing specific small scale, one-off support that directly targets important changes in the developing world and includes a significant development awareness component in the U.K. Development funding for NGOs is deliberately aimed at organizations who have found it difficult to attract DFID support for their work with poor communities in the developing world. It will harness the energy and diversity of grassroots organizations by inviting applications that cover a wide range of development issues which may not previously have been tackled. An important part of the criteria for assessing applications will be raising public awareness of international development in the U.K. This could be through appropriate articles in the local media, through talks or presentations to recognized clubs, local library, faith groups, community, or other groups. Note that this is not about simply publicizing your project, but about using lessons from your project to help people in the U.K. better understand international development. Small NGOs are defined as those with an average annual income of less than £500,000 over the past three years. Project length and application criteria varies depending on the program. NGOs from any country in the world may apply for projects taking place in low or middle-income countries.

Grant range: up to £60,000; total grantmaking budget is £7 million


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