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The Mediterranean Women’s Fund (MWF) was created in January 2008 through the initiative of women who have been involved for many years in promoting women’s rights in the Mediterranean region. Starting from their experiences of trying to finance their projects or those of other associations in Algeria, France, Turkey, Morocco and in Palestine, they have found that it is necessary to create a structure in order to provide financial support for the women’s rights movement in the region.
The Fund is based on the ethical principles of equality, of secularism and of respect for human beings and for the environment, as well as an engagement to promote peace. It is also based on international legislation concerning human rights and also on a holistic vision of society supported by the women’s movement around the world.
In general, MWF’s goal is to strengthen women’s movements and also to build transnational networks, which could further enhance the political, social and economic positions of women in the region. The main goal of the Fund is to sponsor projects targeting the issue of gender equality in the region and, in particular,
    * Capacity building of women’s organisations
    * Regional women’s networks
    * Activities raising awareness about violence against women
    * Leadership by young women
    * Advocacy and action for women’s rights
Additionally, the Fund develops specific themes for each of the interested countries in collaboration with its partner organisations. In doing so, the Fund wants to ensure that the most pressing issues are addressed in relation to the political context of each of the relevant countries.
Applicants must be from a women’s organisation based in the Mediterranean region. Organisations must be directed and governed by women, although the association could have male members. The applicant must demonstrate a clear commitment to women’s equality and women’s human rights.
Priority is given to organisations with less than 5 years of experience in fundraising, organisations with no other funding or that cannot access governmental funding schemes, organisations based in country that receive little financial support from main development agencies and organisations that raise issues concerning to women’s rights.
The Fund does not support individuals seeking for scholarships, organisations without a clear focus on women’s rights, for-profit organisations and charity, international organisations applying in partnership with local organisations, governmental bodies and organisations affiliated to political groups.
There is no indication in regards of the allocated budget for projects. Each application is studied individually.

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