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Deadline- 31 December 2013

The ‘Human Rights Fund Small Activities’ offered byMinister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade and DevelopmentCooperation of the Netherlands is accepting proposals from NGOs.
The goal of this program is to set out in the human rightsstrategy ‘Respect and rights for everyone. Grant applications amount to amaximum of EUR 499,000.
To be eligible for a grant under the Human Rights FundSmall Activities 2013, the activities for which a grant is requested mustrelate to one of the following (sub) themes from the human rights strategy‘Respect and rights for everyone’:
§ Protection and support for human rights defenders;
§ Equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals andtransgender people (LGBT);
§ Equal rights for women focused on politicalparticipation and prevention of violence against women;
§ Combating the most serious human rights abuses (deathpenalty and torture);
§ Promoting freedom of expression and internet freedom;
§ Promoting freedom of religion and belief;
§ Human rights and development;
§ Business and human rights, including child labour.
The duration of a grant under the Human Rights Fund SmallActivities 2013 is a maximum of four years if substantiation is provided thatthis is necessary to bring about structural changes.
The available grant resources are part of the “HumanRights Fund”, which is designed to finance activities in the field of humanrights in support of the objectives and priorities set out in the human rightsstrategy ‘Respect and rights for everyone’, thereby furthering Dutch foreignpolicy objectives. This may involve both long-term objectives and activitiesrelated to
current developments affecting Dutch foreign policy.
The Priority countries Human Rights Fund are Algeria,DRC, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, South-Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia,Zimbabwe, South-Africa, Bangladesh, Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan,North-Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus,Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Bahrein, Egypt, Iraq, Iran,Israel (Middle East Process), Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, PalestinianAuthority areas, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates

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