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Deadline: 31.12.2014

The Bernard van Leer Foundation funds and shares knowledge about work in early childhood development.
The Foundation’s mission is to develop and support programmes that create significant positive change for children up to the age of eight years growing up in circumstances of social and economic disadvantage.
BvLF's vision is one of a world where, in spite of such circumstances, young children reach their full potential.
For children’s human potential to be to realised, they need nurture that is physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual – and a belief that the most appropriate care for young children comes from their parents, families and communities.
BvLF currently support about 140 major projects and focus their grantmaking on 21 countries including Africa, Asia, Europe and America.
Bernard van Leer Foundation considers proposal only if it addresses the three issues (Care, Transitions and Diversity).

· Please note that Bernard van Leer Foundation do not provide grants for the following:
· Applications for support to individual children
· Projects that concentrate solely on one aspect of children's development or learning, such as health care or special educational needs
· Projects that focus on youth or children older than the age of eight
· Proposals for the construction and maintenance of buildings, the purchase of equipment and materials, or occasional recreational activities such as holiday camps
· Requests for scholarships, conferences, media or theatre events
· General organisational support or requests to cover recurrent costs or deficits.

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