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Deadline: 31.12.2014

Funding Criteria
To be eligible for funding from the Eabl Foundation, projects must fall within one of the four key focus areas: Skills for Life, Water of Life, Environment and Special Projects. We also support projects that demonstrate the following:
  • Addressing a community/social need in particular excluded and disadvantaged people who, with support, can help themselves to transform their own lives
  • Building partnerships with community groups and NGOs (rather than individuals) helping build the skills-base of communities
  • Where our involvement can make a significant measurable difference
  • Kick-start funding to get Eabl businesses and people involved locally
  • A clear exit strategy and appropriate mechanisms to ensure that the benefits derived from the project are sustainable
  • Clear, well-defined objectives in place, including planned outcomes, desired impact, measurement and evaluation.
 Areas outside the our guidelines
 Unfortunately, due to the demands made on the Foundation's funds, it is not possible to support all requests. The main areas normally considered being outside the Foundation's guidelines are:
  • Political or groupings, religious or ethnic groups, individual interests e.g. school fees or hospital bills
  • Projects that are primarily associated with persons under the legal drinking age (below 18years)
  • Projects that cannot be linked to a credible source or are linked to disrepute and history of problems
  • Projects that do not have clear objectives and transparency
  • Events or donations that are not linked to a financially needy cause
  • Projects that do not comply with our self-regulatory marketing code of practice, our business code of conduct and our Community Investment Policy


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